The terminal

Great planning security – particularly for the chemical industry.

You can be completely certain that goods are handled quickly and smoothly at the DCH container terminal. Specially developed software ensures efficient, cheap processing in all areas. The facilities and the technical equipment enable barges, trains and trucks to be processed separately in parallel, the quays and railways provide sufficient space for several ships and trains to be loaded and unloaded at the same time.

Containers are handled just as quickly. Benefiting from the fully asphalted surface of the depot, our 45 experienced workers load, unload and store your mobile transport units – in parallel and in the shortest time imaginable. 

An overview of our technical equipment

  • Handling systems: 3 container crane with maximum 50 t lifting capacity
  • Floor-based conveyors: 3 reach stackers up to 45 tons
  • 1 container stacker up to 18 tons
  • 10 concrete tanks for transport-related storage of hazardous goods
  • 1 mobile salvage tank for damaged containers with liquids
  • 8 refrigerated container connections for 400V / 32A / 50Hz
  • Container repair shop with 12 x 20’ work bays
  • Maintenance and repair of containers according to IICL standards
  • 70,000 m² open-air storage area

Transport links

  • Water: quay length 600 m
  • Rail: track length 2 x 400 metres
  • Road: motorway access (A46, A3, A44, A52, A57, A59)


DCH Terminal 

DCH Terminal